First of all, I am terrible at bio’s. My inner writer screams at me to do something catchy, funny, or somehow attention-grabbing for the love of all that is good, but alas, writing entirely about myself is not one of my strong suits. I could throw a bunch of fun Ryan-facts out there–and yes, Ryan is a girl’s name–but it would most likely just sound like a big list of me trying to impress the poop out of you. The basics about who I am center around just a few things, and all else is revealed throughout my writing. I love Jesus, I love my soon-to-be-husband, and I love to travel. Of course I love my family, and of course I also love French fries (I mean, who doesn’t?), but those three things are pretty essential to who I am, and to what this next grand phase of my life has everything to do with.

After getting married to my amazing fiancé, we will be stepping out on a limb, selling everything we own except the clothes on our backs (and a few good books), and moving to a totally new country, oceans away from everything we know. I invite you to our blog, where we will speak on everything from how to survive international flights to learning a new culture to figuring out this whole marriage thing. Feel free to take this journey with us as we make that daring step forward and move to Osaka, Japan to embark on this crazy, head-first dive into our life-long adventure together!